A Guest Blog from the Most Popular Solera

Hi.  My name is Billie.

Actually, my full name is Billie Jean Carr.

I’m a Pitbull/Shar-pei mix, which makes me a Shar-pull. Like a Sharpie, but different.

Anyhow, I am a very lucky dog because my mom found me at a rescue shelter. I was really, really sick when she found me and she took me home and nursed me back to health. I love my mom.

This is my mom. Her name is Molly Carr.  Isn’t she pretty?

She plays the viola. It’s the thing she’s holding in that picture.  See? Over there?  It’s like a violin, but better since it’s not so high and squeaky. I mean, the violin is okay but I like viola sounds better. I also don’t mind violin sounds so much when they are mixed in with other sounds, like viola and cello.

My mom plays her viola with lots of different people but she plays it a lot with these folks:

That's me in front. Modeling is TIRING, phew!

That's me in front. Modeling is TIRING, phew!

They’re called the Solera Quartet - Tricia, Andrew, Mom, and Miki. They’re my pack. We travel a lot together and I sit in on rehearsals.  Sometimes, I even coach them a little.

Impress me.

Impress me.

Oh! You should also know that I’m a very important kind of dog because I’m a Certified Emotional Support animal. This means I have the important task of taking care of my mom and my pack, the Soleras.

Actually, a musician’s life seems pretty stressful. They're always practicing - like hours and hours, sometimes alone and sometimes with other folks -  and they have to go out on stage and play music with lots and lots of people watching them. They travel a lot and sometimes they're happy but sometimes they're worried. 

So when I can, I am there for important snuggles, pets, belly rubs, and nap-times. I’m also there to travel and stay in hotels and homes away from home with my mom when she’s on the road.  

I also meet lots of other musicians. Mom says they're famous or something but all I know is I really like Merry Peckham (she has cool glasses and I like the sound of her voice) and Itzhak Perlman is really nice - he puppysat me once. And I'm not really a dog person but Steven Tenenbom's dogs seem alright - I could smell them on him when he came for a visit. 

Anyways, I thought I’d just introduce myself, since you might meet me at a Solera concert sometime. From time to time, I’ll tell you all about the places we go in airplanes, cars, and on long walks; the people we meet; and all of our fun times on the road, in rehearsals, back stage, on stage, and at all the after parties!

So, stay ‘tuned’ and read about all of my adventures here, on Billie’s Blog.

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