"Musical Immersion" Program Launching at Danbury FCI in January

We've been hard at work for months, hustling to make a dream become reality, and we're thrilled to announce that this January, it's finally happening!  January 8-12, 2018, the Solera Quartet is launching its pilot Musical Immersion residency program at Danbury Federal Correctional Institution.  The week-long intensive program will feature 

prison headphones illustration.jpg
  • Two quartet concerts for inmates
  • A concert for all of the prison staff
  • Daily interactive lecture/demo study sessions on the life of Beethoven
  • A creative, hands-on, composers’ workshop led by Daniel Levy, a leader and pioneer in the field of musical education in incarcerated communities

We will be blogging daily during the residency to share our experiences performing, sharing, and learning.  Check back January 8-12 for those personal reflections. 

A most sincere thank you to Pro Musicis and their Father Eugène Merlet Award for Community Service, which is generously supporting this project!

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