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Musical Immersion Residency at Corrigan-Radgowski State Prison

Solera Prison Residency Program
Musical Immersion Residency with Project: Music Heals Us
Corrigan-Radgowski State Prison  
December 10th-14th, 2018

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: This residency, a follow up to our first Musical Immersion residency in early 2018, will focus on Beethoven’s Op. 95 Quartet. During and after the concert, audience members are invited to join in dialogue with the quartet about their reactions and feelings about the music. On days Two through Four, the Solera Quartet will lead 35 workshop participants in a) exploration of Bartok's philosophy, history, and lasting impression on the world of music, b) the creation of new musical works in collaboration with the Quartet, and c) intensive exploration of this string quartet in particular: inventing, collaborating, and jamming on themes and motives of the piece. Finally on Day Five, the Solera Quartet will present a second concert for the general population, as well as selections from the men’s creative work over the course of the week.

Workshop Philosophy: The process of creating ensemble music - trust-building, inspiration, constructive criticism, problem-solving, and dedication to a purpose greater than one's self - encompasses a collection of skills that pertain to any worthwhile endeavor in life.


A) Two interactive concerts that bookend the residency (90 min each)

B) Three Instrument demos (viola, violin, cello) (20 min) and two “Behind the Music” talks on the life of Beethoven (30 min)

C) Three whole-workshop explorations of the work (activities including score study, groove parties, hyper focus, instant replay and What is Beethoven Telling Me)(appx 45 min each)

D) Five new-music-making sessions (improvising, new music, ie participant responses to the Invitation Page)(appx 90 min each)

E) Five end-of-day reflections (30 min each, 60 mins on the final day)